Monday, April 4, 2011

Braz Attempts Sticky Rice

Lately Braz' favourite thing to say has been "mmmmm that looks nice... DO YOU THINK I COULD MAKE THAT MYSELF?" So after reading Jennifer Yee's book Discovering Asian Ingredients, it suddenly dawned on Braz that...he could make his own sticky rice! Choooice.

The filling - chicken, Chinese mushrooms, coriander...

The recipe

Braz keeping the parcels tight but letting his second chin sag

The real thing!

Stacked up parcels

Lazy Sunday breakie in the Yee household - Jook, worteps and sticky rice mmmm

Shazza's chicken jook (congee)

Parcel of goodness

Step 1 - Unwrap

Step 2 - Break open the rice and drizzle with a bit of light soy

Step 3 - EAT!

The sticky rice was a good experiment but a few improvements could definitely be made. The rice was a bit wet and once again due to Braz' inability to follow the recipe and add a bit of salt, the rice was also a bit tasteless. Oh well, next time Braz!