Monday, April 4, 2011

Braz Attempts Sticky Rice

Lately Braz' favourite thing to say has been "mmmmm that looks nice... DO YOU THINK I COULD MAKE THAT MYSELF?" So after reading Jennifer Yee's book Discovering Asian Ingredients, it suddenly dawned on Braz that...he could make his own sticky rice! Choooice.

The filling - chicken, Chinese mushrooms, coriander...

The recipe

Braz keeping the parcels tight but letting his second chin sag

The real thing!

Stacked up parcels

Lazy Sunday breakie in the Yee household - Jook, worteps and sticky rice mmmm

Shazza's chicken jook (congee)

Parcel of goodness

Step 1 - Unwrap

Step 2 - Break open the rice and drizzle with a bit of light soy

Step 3 - EAT!

The sticky rice was a good experiment but a few improvements could definitely be made. The rice was a bit wet and once again due to Braz' inability to follow the recipe and add a bit of salt, the rice was also a bit tasteless. Oh well, next time Braz!


  1. Yeah it's trial and error. You need to add some soy to the rice mixture first gives good flavour inside......and wrap the buddles tighter than you think.....Ps I'll get Jenny to tell ya the real secret next time I see her.

  2. Hey Braz, I'm impressed that you attempted the nor mai gai!
    Next time you make them call me & I'll come for yum cha.
    Are we related?
    Jenny Yee 021 65 6954