Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Wise Men - The Big Dinner Part 3: Bloopers - The Not So Wise Moments...

Unarguably the big dinner was a raging success, but there were many not-so-wise moments from the 3 Wise Men...

1. That hair... 50% rocker, 50% hippie, 100% GAY. Chef C, hoping to look like Jamie, but behaving like Gordon... Good god did someone deep fry his hair, it looks oilier than the leeks.

2. The first casualty of the day, Wok #1 meets its end courtesy of Braz. What a surprise... Braz explains that he was trying to smoke the duck "but the sugar gets really hot you know!"... So how did Braz destroy Wok #2? By doing the EXACT. SAME. THING. You know what they say...if you make a mistake more than once, its no longer a're just an idiot Brazza!

3. The mystery of the red dot...where are Braz' red dots on his Jamie Oliver pans? The great mystery of the night...According to Braz, Shaz burnt them off. 

4. Ralph in the kitchen, causing more havoc than help.

5. Special mention to Ralph who shirted up for the occasion, impressive! Chef C and Chef Chicken should take note - no point in shirting up if you're going to wear jandals (Chef C)...or worse, bare feet (Chicken - see below)! Ralph shows 'em how its done. Classy!

6. The paua incident was quite literally a "slip-up"...but no one seems to accept the blame. Chef Braz and Chef Chicken were cooking paua fritters side by side, when Chef Braz accidentally dropped some paua fritter mixture on the floor...Chef Chicken then proceeds to slip on the paua fritter mixure and fall flat on his ass. But thats not all...he THEN stays on the floor and clean his TOES while Braz continues cooking... Rumour has it he didn't wash his hands after playing with his feet. Chef Chicken claims its Braz' fault because Braz dropped the paua but Chef Braz says that's what you get for not wearing shoes in the kitchen!!!

7. The cauliflower we even need to say who burnt it? So how did Braz burn this one? For once, it wasn't because he turned on an element and walked away. No, it was because he turned on the WRONG ELEMENT and didn't realise. So while the cauliflower puree was quietly burnin' up, Braz was wondering why his sauce was not heating through like it was meant to...

8. Ralph being Ralph...

9. Braz...its not all good when you have to make a sauce 5 times. FIVE TIMES! So much effort, so little success.

10. Ralph eats so much he splits his shirt...

And that brings us to the end of the 3-part Big Dinner Series on BRAZ CAN COOK! I hope you enjoyed it...Please feel free to add to these bloopers... Tried my best to remember but think I missed some. I asked Braz if he remembered any but all he did was look at me blankly, shake his head and say "I don't make mistakes?"


  1. I don't believe these accusations that you are making Char. Brian says he's the most outstanding chef ever, and he couldn't possibly have made all these mistakes!

  2. must be either a MSH employee or someone who doesn't know Braz at all.....all the bloopers were not even picked up by Char....the smoking food processor which Chef Braz walked away from mincing the paua....turning off Chef Chickens hob when he was making a sauce and Chef Chicken being confused as to why his sauce wasn't reducing...the cutting of the pasta on the granite kitchen top with a Global knife...lucky Shaza had no idea about that incident eh Braz?....outstanding???..I think Char was being kind putting in photos of other "bloopers" as the last segment should have belonged exclusively to Chef Braz!!!