Friday, March 4, 2011

The Test Kitchen Part Deux

Duck spices

Duck breasts

Tea-smoking the duck breasts

Wild mushrooms!

Brushing the scallops with olive oil

Fried leeks

Mmmmm scallops

The finished dish - pan-seared scallops on cauliflower puree with fried leeks 

The duck breasts

Better than your local Chinese!

Experimenting with plating...

Vanilla panacotta with mango and mint

Apologies for the delayed posting of Test Kitchen #2...but had to get it out today as...


Test Kitchen #2 went to plan (surprisingly), we even ate on time. 

At the moment, the 3 Wise Men + Ralph have taken over the Yee's, 3 Wise Men are in the kitchen and Ralph is on the couch, recovering from a late night munch at KC cafe. Chef C returns almost unrecognizable with his flowing mane of hair. Shaz is slaving away making potstickers for lunch, no doubt working harder than Chef Braz who is getting bashed by Chef C for slicing the duck breast wrong. Chef Chicken also getting bashed for his inability to improvise. Chef C also trying to influence Chef Braz and Chef Chicken to grow their hair long and learn the guitar! Right now Chef Braz has been left in the kitchen that really a good idea???


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  1. It was a fantastic night with great friends. Pity Chef Chicken was a bit stressed.