Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chef Braz' Annual Spit Roast 2011

The year once again came to an close with Chef Braz' Annual Spit Roast. This year the Spit Roast was bigger than ever with Chef Braz scouting a whole suckling pig for the spit, in honour of the special guest Ralph!

Step 1 - Pricking the pig with Braz' homemade pricker

Step 2 - Salting the pig

Step 3 - Staking the pig...Is this the right way in?

I hope no one shoves a pole up my ass...

Nice and secure ass

Forcing the pig on the stake

Shazza marinating the pig
We have fire in no time!

Ralph's favourites!

Victor cooking his paua over the open fire

Victor's juicy, amazing paua - YUM!

Enjoying the wine and the mojitos

The rotisserie was working until RALPH broke it...

Proud of the finished product

How the hell do I cut this?

The spread

The inedible bits

All carved up!

The pig was YUM in my tum!

Marshmallow mates

Can't get enough of marshmallowing!

The fun bit last - marshmallowing over hot coals!

Late at night around the fire

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