Monday, December 6, 2010

Char's Vanilla Satins

Lately Braz has passed his cooking obsessions onto me, along with his obsessions with his new camera. So I have decided to learn how to cook and bake like a REAL woman! Have not attempted to do Jamie or Nigella yet...but started off nice and simple by baking Vanilla Satins from my Kids Can Cook! book. Haha.

Had a bit of trouble with the icing - it was a bit too thin and the top biscuits kept sliding off! But apart from that, I would class the Vanilla Satins as a success. 

What do you think of the food photography? Before you complain that it is dark and hazy (Andrew), I put a vintage effect on it. Bonus points if you can spot Shaz.


  1. I don't come here to see your cooking Charlotte. Unless you include me in the taste panel.

  2. Geez Braz has been busy....ya photos are too dark.