Friday, December 17, 2010

Nigella's Dragon Chicken and Snowpeas with Scallops

 The meal
Braz' new food processor - whizzing up the Dragon Chicken marinade - garlic, ginger, red capsicum, chillies and spices

Pan-seared scallops bebe!

The scallops added to the homegrown snow peas

Presentation is key

Crunchy snowpeas and succulent scallops

Hot and spicy, just like Nigella!

It looks burnt but it was just right and crispy

Line up please

Complimentary chicken chow mein

The verdict
Taste: Braz usually burns chicken but these wings were just right. However the Dragon Wings were not as flaming as we expected, more chilli please Braz! The scallops and snowpeas were perfect, but Braz lied to us - they are not homegrown! Overall 8/10
Presentation: Beeeeautiful colouring and texture, the Dragon Wings looked even better with a bit of coriander sprinkled on top. Overall 8.5/10
X- Factor: The scallops and Dragon Wings were two great side dishes, but what happened to the main dish? The noodles were boring Braz. Get it together and make a complete meal! Overall 7/10

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